May 27, 2008

Could the weekend have been any better?

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. I am posting this just a tad bit late, but I had a great weekend and have to share. My weekend started with some house cleaning - I rearranged our bedroom and cleaned up the rest of the house as well. Managed to get the whole apartment except for the kitchen. Then, after resting, turned my attention towards doing some genealogy.

On Saturday afternoon, we took Kaleya to see her friend's dance recital that was put on the by Nashville Dance Company. Can you imagine anything cuter than a group of 4-year old's on stage? The costumes were so cute! Of course, there were older girls too, but the little ones steal the show. Sunday afternoon was spent in the sun; we took Kaleya over to a friend's place to enjoy the pool. Kaleya wore herself out accordingly and had so much fun in the pool. It's been almost a year since she's been in the water, so I'd love to start getting her more acquainted. Maybe next year we'll do swimming lessons. From yesterday, I think she particularly enjoyed trying to get used to the lounge chairs. :-) My Sunday evening, and all day Monday was consumed by my Cross Stitch Magazine Database. I've been wanting to revamp the site for some time, and while I still have plans to do some cool Web 2.0 stuff, I figure it is better to go in steps, so I made some changes and reduced the level of complexity of the back-end and redid the site. Right now it's really a test of the application I've chosen, but I think it may work out. The URL for the site is and I also started a new blog to accompany it that is located at With my new streamline processes in place, it makes it much easier to accept contributions for others. Look out for a future post about that. But alas, all good things must come to an end right? It's back to work tomorrow. I love what I do, but when I get opportunities like I've had this weekend to really focus on the things that truly relax me, it can be hard to let go!

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Becky said...

what a great weekend! we definitely need some more pool time :) Mom was so happy to get to spend time with you all!!