February 25, 2007

My Cross-Stitching

This post is for prosperity's sake. I am beginning the process of phasing out our main website in favor of my blog, so I needed to make a post about my stitching so that I could link to it from my blog sidebar. Some of you will know all this already, but perhaps this will be new for some.

I began stitching when I was 17, the summer after graduating high school. My mother used to stitch when I was younger, and I finally asked her to show me how to do it. Well, she did and it was on from there, I was hooked! I stitched off an on throughout school, and then starting in grad school, I started to stitch more frequently. Then, once I finished my master's I began stitching obsessively. That time period lasted for about five years. Then, I had my daughter, and over the past couple of years, my stitching has seriously dwindled. The fact that I have also taken up new hobbies has also contributed to that. But, my love for it remains as high as ever and I know that in the next few years, I can look forward to having more time for it.

The last piece that I finished was this from an issue of Stitcher's World. I finished in in March 2006 (just at a year ago at the time of this post). Here are links to some of my stitching activities:


Terri said...

Taneya, please check in with the Mirabilia BB. Dana has been trying to reach you regarding your photos and hasn't been able to.

I miss seeing you around the BBs.

Johanna said...

Taneya - you do such beautiful work. I started looking at your stitching when you shared a picture of an Oriental Lady picture that you had finished and I was working on (and never finished).