May 19, 2008

Back From Chicago

This weekend was my professional organization's annual conference. This year it was in Chicago. It was a very quick trip, I flew in on Saturday and flew out Sunday evening, but though it was short, I was quite busy the whole time.

One thing I did get to do was meet more of my family. Sadly, my maternal grandmother's youngest and last brother died on Mother's Day. He lived in Chicago and the funeral coincidentally enough was on Saturday. While I did not get there in time to go to the funeral, I was able to visit with the family Saturday evening and I met his wife for the first time and his kids. I truly enjoyed the hours I was able to spend with them and though for the sad event, as with my paternal grandmother's funeral two years ago I strongly felt that we must take advantage of these moments to re-connect with family.

While I did not get to do much else, I was able to walk to the nearby Millenium Park during lunch yesterday. This is a beautiful park. I especially enjoyed "the bean" - this big silver, shiny bean shaped sculpture that reflects the Chicago skyline when you look at it from the right angle. This is a picture off Flickr - this thing is GORGEOUS in person!!

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