May 13, 2008

What I Do At Work

Shameless plug for my library! Our medical center has a YouTube channel, and recently posted this video about our website, MyHealthAtVanderbilt (MHAV). MHAV allows you, if you are a patient at Vanderbilt, to log into the site and access parts of your medical record (such as lab test results, immunization data) and you can send messages to your physician, access your appointment and billing data and more.

One of my responsibilities at work is working with my colleagues to integrate links to consumer health information throughout the MHAV website. This means for example, that if you are looking at your lab results and don't understand what they mean, our library provides links to websites that help explain the lab test procedure and what the results mean. We also link to and create a variety of information resources to help patients undertand their health data. This is a very rewarding project to be involved in.

This week in fact, I have been working with some co-workers in putting together a poster to present at our professional annual meeting this coming week about our work to add information targeted to kids through MHAV.

So, without further ado here is a video about the site and how it works. Just a small glimpse into a little bit more about what I do at work!

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lissylaine said...

Cool!! I've just signed up, and I've got the limited access for now until I see my doctor. I'm looking forward to checking it all out, thanks!