October 10, 2006

We are back from the underground!! Oh - I am so happy to be back up. Tonite, our phone is on and we got the DSL up and running. Without having internet access for the past week and a half, I have felt so unconnected from the world. However, that has been good for me in the new place b/c last week I had nothing else to do but unpack.

The move went well. Our belongings were picked up on the 29th and delivered to us here in Nashville on the morning of the 2nd. We love our new place and I managed to get all of our boxes unpacked (with the exception of about 8 boxes for which I need to buy bookshelves for them). And, just today, we got rid of all of our empty, broken down boxes.

Kaleya likes the new place a lot!

Then, this past weekend we went to Evansville for a quick visit. Kalonji's mom got a new house so we went to go help with the move. Had a good weekend, but I was sick as a dog on Saturday. I thought I was never going to get better - but some TheraFlu and lots of rest later, I felt fine enough to go back for my first day at work yesterday.

This week, we are doing various things around the house - hanging pictures, etc. We are going to Evansville again this weekend - Kaleya's birthday is Monday, so we will celebrate up there with her brothers. Should be fun! Hopefully, all will return to some normality next week.

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HippieLaLah said...

Isn't moving such fun! Congrats on the new house, looks nice.