October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Kaleya -- Happy Birthday to You!!!

Today is Kaleya's 2nd Birthday and we are all pooped out after this weekend's celebration. It was so much fun though and I no longer feel guilty that we did not do a celebration for her 1st year. I think she is more able to appreciate it now :-)

We had a great time! We went to Evansville so that she could celebrate with her brothers and she had lots of family there too - including a girl cousin (such a rarity). We had Dora, Backyardigans, and the Disney Princesses all making appearances in the decorations and of course, we had cake and ice cream. Kalonji got her a pinata for all the kids to open and that was crazy - it was so cool to see all the candy spill out on the floor and everyone going for it!

And, her main present was a Dora mini-ATV. She was quite eager to get on, but on the first ride, had a little malfunction (partly my fault) and she fell off. Well, after that, she didn't want to get on it. So, we had her cousin ride it until she was sufficiently jealous to try and push him off so she could get on - worked wonders!

And, of course you know me -- i do have more pictures up - you can see them here.


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday Kaleya! Wow I can't believe she's 2. I remember you posting about being pregnant!

claudia said...

Happy Birthday Kaleya! How fun that birthday party looks! I remember when my daughters were young...oh the fun we had! Kaleya is so cute!!!!!

Shalini said...

Happy Birthday Kaleya! She is a big girl now! Love the story about the bike :D

Anonymous said...

Happy belate birthday to Kaleya!! Your daughter is beautiful.