September 29, 2006

We are one day closer to the move. Today the moving company came and boxed up our belongings. Took them hours. Again, despite how much JUNK it seems I get rid of with each move, more seems to accumulate! I initially thought they were going to actually load it up on a truck and take it away today, but not to be -- that happens tomorrow. So, tomorrow morning, this house will be so empty! Then, I'll spend tomorrow night and Saturday cleaning. The joys of moving! I should have in fact been doing more of that tonite, but my scrapping got the best of me. You can check out my digiscrap blog to see what I've been up to there. I think the cats know that something is up too..they've been acting funny all night. Speaking of up, I must go down. It's 1am and I still have to take this computer down so the movers can take this table out tomorrow. I'll be using the computer on the floor for the next couple of days. Goodnight!

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