April 19, 2006

I have been a horrible blogger! No posts in about three weeks. Such a shame. Well, much has been going on.
  • Stitching -- Over the past few weeks, I had been putting in regular work on a design I am stitching from Stoney Creek magazine. However, last week I began to get very frustrated with it because it seemed like every night I would make a mistake and have to frog.. it was driving me crazy! So, i think that means I need to switch to something else. This week sometime I'll try and get a picture of my progress and then pick out something else to work on.
  • Genealogy - still going strong. I have been locating additional information, including even potential slave owners of some of my ancestors. Highly exciting!
  • family life -- where to even start! We have started potty training Kaleya. She understands the concept already. Whether or not she will "deliver" anytime soon remains to be seen. But, she definitely knows when she needs to be changed and will start taking her diaper/pull up off and head to the bathroom. too cute. This weekend we went to Alabama to visit family and this coming weekend we will go visit the boys. I have been very bad about putting pictures up over the past few months so once things settle with all the travelling, I am going to try to start doing that more often.
And, not much else to report. I am glad summer is coming! But, I forsee even busier times ahead. :-)

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