March 22, 2006

I feel like I am getting back into my stitching "zen"! The night I finished the African Welcome design, I started another one from Stoney Creek Magazine. This one is called African Influence and is from the Feb 2005 issue. This is my progress so far.

In Kaleya news --- we think we will start trying to potty train her this weekend! The babysitter agrees that she appears to be ready. We've been experimenting with pull-ups with her for the past week now - she knows how to pull them off - I'm not sure that she really knows to do it in response to being wet. But, I guess we will start by showing her the motions and go slowly :-) Next month she'll be 18 months!

We also rejoined Netflix last week so we could watch some of the TV Shows we are interested in. We are starting with 24 as we just got into it this season. So far, we've watched the first four episodes of Season 1 and they are just as exciting as the season currently on! It will be fun to get through them.

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