May 1, 2006

I really do have a problem.. why, oh why do I keep starting new projects! Yes - that means I started a new one. :-) Over the weekend, I started this Indian Sioux Chief by Julie Hasler. He is absolutely stunning.. I am loving seeing his face take shape and it is very realistic. So far I have put in around 15 hours I think and it actually stitches up fairly fast. I am doing it from Issue 3 of Cross Stitch Gold, but I also have the book that he appears in. In non-stitching news, things have been quite busy for us. We've been travelling to see family, and this month will remain fairly busy so I may not post very often for awhile. But, as I have more stitching updates I will definitely be sharing them.


Cathy said...

I think you are doing a good job of posting, stitching, taking care of a little one, being married and all of your other interests. You just need more time in the day. Keep posting your stitching progress.

Dianne said...

The detail is fabulous!
I am with you about starting too many new projects. I try to limit myself to 3-4 at a time and aim to completing at least 2 of them in 3 months.