January 12, 2006

New Year's Resolution - well, I made a resolution last year that I unfortunately did not keep. My resolution was to stay on top of important events like anniversaries, birthdays, etc and send REAL cards to people. I also wanted to be more prompt in returning personal emails. Well, I think I did a little bit better, but nowhere near where I want to be. Therefore, it remains a resolution for me this year.

Over the past week, I have also set another resolution. I refuse to live in clutter. I am determined to get my housekeeping skills in order this year. Now that I am actually living with Kalonji and we are a "real" family - I find that the clutter builds so easily! It is too easy to make excuses for picking up and putting things away where they should be. Not anymore. Slowly but surely I have been de-cluttering, making a pile for Goodwill and getting the house in order. I have done well in spending a few minutes a couple times a day to tidy up and put things away and I'm very proud of myself. Must keep up the progress! My Body-For-Life is going well. I've completed 7 days now and been true to the program 95% of the time :-). Of course you can read more about that on my other blog. However, b/c I am constantly reading and researching fitness/health information, I have not stitched as much the past week. But, I do have a few overdue pictures to share:

  • Handmade Houses of Provence - by Michael Powell. I started this back at the end of October and fell in love with it. There are five different "panels" to stitch that make a composite pictures. The threads are in Anchor, so I actually had to go buy some as I have only done one other project with Anchor. While I was initially excited, the colors in the particular area I am working on are not exactly appealing to me. However, I do love the design so much, that I have no doubt I'll be back to this again in a few months.
  • Feline Navidad -- yeah, this was supposed to be a Christmas present. I'm close! Maybe this weekend will be it. The recipient will not mind though - I know she won't. :-)
  • Day - this design is by Maria Van Scharrenburg. I love her patterns and I initially started this back in March 2004. Then, I put it down and didnt' touch it again until a few weeks ago. This is the design I was working on when I found out I was pregnant with Kaleya. The night I started it, I was over at a friend's day for a stitch day and I remember them joking with me about being pregnant b/c I was telling them how tired I had been lately. They were so right!


Cathy said...

Hi Taneya

This year I set stitching goals and housekeeping goals. I am assigning a different room of the house to each month. During January I am doing extra cleaning on my kitchen. I don't have 12 rooms so some months will go to the garage and yardwork.

Gosia said...

This year is my no-goal year ;) I'm sure I'll miss them in 2007, though and will set a bunch I won't be able to keep up with LOL, that's the way it works for me.

I guess you know it already, but the colours in Michael Powell's pieces usually look sort of... not really likeable at first. I made this experince with the Venice series, but when you go on stitching and add backstitching suddenly the whole piece comes to life and looks perfect. I wouldn't change a single thread. So keep stitching and you'll be happy in the end, I'm sure.

lissylaine said...

They look awesome! Wow, you have gotten so much done, and on top of everything else you've been doing, too. Most excellent, and congrats on your BFL and decluttering progress too!!! Miss you. :)