January 8, 2006

Happy New Year! Yes, I'm like 10 days late with it, but it's been a busy time. :-) Over New Year's weekend we went to go visit the boys. Had a lot of fun with them. Kaleya of course just had a ball seeing them all again. Here is a cute picture of her in front of my mother-in-law's Christmas tree. Stitching wise, I have been stitching on MVS's Day (butterfly). I don't have a new progress pic yet, but that was what I worked on a majority of the past two weeks. Then, a couple of days ago I switched to Feline Navidad. I still haven't finished it (and yes, it was a Christmas present), but I should be able to finish it within two weeks -- I ran out of a kreinik that I now have to order online, so it should be here next week sometime.

However, a lot of my time these past few days has been absorbed by my new endeavor. I'm doing Body For Life now and I've been doing a lot of reading. I changed by South Beach Diet blog to become by Body For Life blog to track my daily progress. So far, I think I am doing very well on it. I was not as interested in South Beach b/c I was already getting bored of the food options in phase I and I really wanted to get started exercising. Since I wanted to exercise, I wanted to exercise with a purpose. BFL really is almost like SBD,just with a some intense exercise added. Today will be my 4th day on it and all is going well.

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Carol said...

Glad you enjoyed the holidays. And you're baby girl looks cuter each day