September 13, 2005

My posting habits are becoming terrible aren't they? Well, since my last post much has happened:

  • I got my issues in the mail with the article in it about me. It's cute and i like it!
  • we've been traveling quite a bit to see family. Over Labor Day Weekend we went to Alabama to visit Kalonji's family and then the weekend after that we went up to Evansville to see the boys. This coming weekend is Miles' birthday, so we are probably going back for that.
  • I went back to Nashville this past friday to actually go into work - we had a meeting with some people from Chicago so I came back in for that. I didn't stay long, left to come back home on Saturday morning as I really wanted to be back with my family - Kaleya got to hang out with her daddy for those 36 hours. Would have been quite interesting if I had stayed the whole weekend as Kalonji had prepped an outfit for Kaleya to wear on Saturday that did not match..
  • I have a new cross stitch project that I started specifically b/c I am going to be in another UK magazine ... i'll post it when i'm finished with it :-)
  • I updated Kaleya's page -- she is 11 months now! time really does fly -- but she is walking like there is no tomorrow. My mother said "Did anyone tell her that once she starts walking all bets are off? That she has to walk for the rest of her life?" funny...

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Jenn said...

Have you seen your story in the UK Cross Stitcher yet? I got mine the other day and I can send you a copy if you'd like.