September 1, 2005

Back in June I posted that I was going to be featured in a cross stitch magazine. I didn't want to give too many details until I knew it was actually going to be printed, but I can give details now! T

The magazine is UK's Cross Stitcher and the issue with my article is coming out tomorrow, Sept 2nd. I'm looking for some nice person to pick up a few issues for me and mail them to me, so let me know if this is something you could do! The article is about my cross stitching magazine database site (link on sidebar) and I can't wait to see it!

In preparation, I have been working on adding a few more issues to the database and have added 10 this past week. Mostly the issues of Cross Stitcher that I had and had not yet added. I cannot wait to see this article!

And, on top of this, I may also be in another magazine in late fall -- again, don't want to say too much til i know it's happening. I feel famous! :-)


Patti said...

That is so neat! I think some of the larger book chains carry that magazine so I will have to swing buy and check. Congratulations on having your hard work publicized.

Froggie said...

Congratulations!!!! I use the database often. Thanks for all the work you've put in it.

Johanna said...

Hi Taneya - don't know if you remember me...a long time ago I was impressed to see your 'Oriental Beauty', and less impressed with my own efforts. Flicking through my latest cross stitch mag, I thought I spotted a familiar face :) Nice to see you in the mag, the database is a great idea!

Happy Stitching,