June 1, 2008

Last month, Kelley apparently tagged me to post "6 unimportant things about yourself. " I somehow missed the tag, so let me go ahead and play now.

1. i don't like tomatoes, but i don't mind tomato-based stuff, like spaghetti sauce
2. i like to multi-task
3. during the week, i only sleep about 6 hours a night on average. On the weekends, I average 10+
4. i hate sundays b/c monday is the next day
5. i love geishas
6. as i get older, i find myself attracted to bold and crazy colors/patterns in stuff just like my mother (for example, she used to have a yellow sofa w/ different colored fish pattern all over it and now it doesn't seem so ludicrous to me)

1 comment:

Chiloe said...

I'm glad I found you back ;) You are going to be in my google reader NOW ;)