January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!!
Kaleya & her brother Jihad on Christmas Day.
Over the holidays, we went to Indiana to visit the boys, then off to North Carolina to visit my family. We had a great trip and Kaleya really enjoyed herself playing with her brothers and her cousins. Kalonji and I also celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary over the holidays, we were married on New Year's Eve. I wish I had blogged that long ago so I could go back and revisit the post :-) We were able to sneak away and go to the movies - we saw National Treasure 2 and enjoyed it. Over the holidays we also saw I am Legend and enjoyed that too. I still want to see The Golden Compass, but I'm working my way through the books right now (I'm on the second book, the Subtle Knife) and want to read all three before seeing it. I'd better hurry up though before I miss my opportunity! Pictures are here.


Suzanne said...

Gosh, Kaleya is so GROWN up! WOW! Happy Anniversary from another New Year's Eve couple! We made it to 24 this year!! Suz/VA

Sara said...

Kaleya is a little girl!! Not a baby!! Jihad is so grown-up too!! Man, and look at all those presents!!