April 1, 2007

I just put away half of my winter clothes. I hope that I never have to wear them again. This is my declaration.

We joined the YMCA today and if I'm going to pay $90/month for a membership, I'd better get my act together and start exercising. Losing weight is of course a lifestyle change and since I've had Kaleya, I've never quite really regained my motivation to lose weight. I was doing so good right before I got pregnant! So, here I am - I'm going to try again. If I manage to be successful and stick to a good regimen over the next two months, then, I may start myself another weight loss blog. We'll see :-)

In stitching news, I continue to work on Madonna of the Garden. I have about five more hours of stitching time today, so I THINK I may be able to do it. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Shalini said...

Good luck with the weight loss, Taneya!