March 31, 2007

That nasty headache that I had kept me out of work on Monday, but it finally went away. A co-worker of mine asked me if perhaps it could be sinus problems, but I've never had sinus problems that I know of. However, I realized on Tuesday morning as I went to my car that the pollen count had gone way up (car was practically yellow), so perhaps that did have something to do with it. Who knows. In any case, I'll stay attuned to the possibility.
Guess what? Today, I actually have stitching news! In 2004, I started Mirabilia's Madonna of the Garden. This was my last WIP pic.
Since this picture, I have done a bit more. I stitched her face and the baby's face as well. Notice the date on the WIP pic - 10/11/04. I went into the hospital to have Kaleya four days later. I started stitching this for the daughter-in-law (she had a baby boy) of a coworker of mine who has been absolutely GREAT to me. But, I never finished it. Three days ago, my coworker gave me an invite for the baby shower for the second baby and the shower is on Friday! So, I took this out of the attic today so that I can finish it. I really don't have much to do - add some beads and finish the top arch and do some leaf stems. Look out for a finished picture hopefully tomorrow.


Rani said...

Go, Taneya, Go! You can do it! =)

Jennie said...

Sinus headaches are really nasty. :( You are so close to finishing Madonna of the Garden - it's so gorgeous!

BTW - I've moved blogs from to - would love you to drop by! :)