September 1, 2006

It's been awhile since I've posted specifically about Kaleya and how she is developing. Guess it goes to show she is no longer a baby huh? At 22 months, she is as grown as she can be! Her vocab continues to accelerate and she has recently started singing. She can tell us when she is wet and then asks to go to the potty. We just next have to work on getting her to ask to go to the potty BEFORE she gets wet. Yesterday, she did a first. I talk to my sister Kelli on the phone like every day, so I often have Kaleya get on the phone and try to get her to say "Kelli" - which she does every so often. I had a feeling that she knew that Kelli was the "girl that came to visit us this summer" but she confirmed that for me. I was doing a scrapbook page of one of Kelli's pictures and Kaleya points to the screen and says "A Kelli." I didn't catch it at first, but she did it again - I was so tickled. Can't wait to see what the next few months bring.

The scrapbook page I was doing is this one. I did this page in response to my very first online challenge. By using the kit provided and posting it, the designer will send a link to a free kit - two kits for the price of one! It was fun - I'll have to participate in more of them. The wording on the page is an excerpt from a Lord Byron poem.

I have a new link on my blog sidebar. I used Rollyo to create my very own DigiScrap Search Engine. The concept is this -- make a list of sites of interest (up to 25) and you can search across all at once. I figured with all the scrapbooking sites and all the kits they have, this would be a good way to help find kits of a particular interest. I just tested it by doing a search on "egyptian" and one of the results was this striking kit that I must now download so I can do a page for my cats.

Believe it or not, I also continue to do a little stitching. I'll be stitching later on tonite as we watch Bill Mahr and whatever else we decide to watch after that goes off. Ta ta for now...

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Amy said...

What a fabulous page! I love the little scrolly overlay around the photo. I haven't been doing much stitching lately, due to this. Thanks a lot, Taneya ;)