September 7, 2006

I have discovered another fun activity - painting! I repainted a wall in our house as we are getting prepped to move and I want the place to be in great condition - and I actually like it! I have never painted before, but I can see myself getting into it! I plan to repaint the whole kitchen on Saturday.

I also rented a Rug Doctor to clean the carpets - OMG - I couldn't believe how much DIRT it got out!! Who knew carpets could be so filthy. I'm glad I did it and not a professional service - I would have been so embarrassed. I do plan to have a professional service come in after all the furniture is moved out, but at least it won't be *so* bad then.

Haven't done much stitching lately. Been scrapbooking and doing genealogy instead. Since the first challenge I did below, I have done four more challenges. Over at, if you complete 4 challenges in the month of September, you get kit freebie. Hello! I just posted my four challenges over there. Can't wait to get the kit.


Shalini said...

Taneya, Painting and redocarating your home is just as addicting as scrapbooking LOL I can't wait to get my new house so I can paint the bland white walls!
We painted almost all the rooms of our Townhouse and we were there only for 2 years!

HippieLaLah said...

Let me know if you need any help painting. I love to paint!