August 17, 2006

I am in love with Seaside, Fl! (and the several beaches right around it). Yesterday, we spent the morning lounging around and stitching and then headed back over to the Seaside area. We started off by looking around Rosemary Beach, then Alys Beach, and then Seaside.

The architecture around Rosemary Beach reminds me of an English village (well, at least from the cross-stitch charts that I see of English villages). The picture on the left is just an example building. The clusters of cottages and houses along the gulf looked gorgeous.

We then drove all of 1/2 mile over to Alys Beach. Alys Beach is a planned community still in development and is exquisite. All white buildings made of what looks like stucco -- very reminiscent of Greek architecture. In fact, on of the local developers is Greek and so I guess that is the feel he was going for. There is this house next to Alys Beach that is crazy huge! We learned that is is the home of a local developer and costs over $50 million. It's been in construction for 5 years and still is not done. There were other beautiful homes in this beach as well.

Then, the icing on the cake was Seaside. It is the cutest little village of houses all close together and painted in bright vibrant colors. The design is made to also facilitate a community and it was just so cute. Each house here has names and there are some funny names -- "Abracadabra," "Now Todd's Gotta Pay," "A Shore Thing," "Good Night Moon," "Mom's Day Off," and "Mellow Yellow" are just a few of them. I posted earlier how the Truman Show was filmed here, well, we passed the Truman House! Then, after all the driving around, we came back to the condo and watched the Truman Show. Great day. There are pictures of course!

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Melissa said...

Taneya-I'm so sorry I missed your trip to Destin and Seaside. I live in Navarre, just a few miles west of Ft Walton Beach. If you get down here again, you should try to get by Needle Delights in Pensacola. It's a great shop. Doesn't Destin have the most beautiful beaches? I'm also originally from Memphis.