August 16, 2006

Destin Day 3

See that car? We were driving behind it yesterday on the highway and I took a picture of it because I thought the license plate was cute! We were on our way to the stitching store in Fort Walton and when we get there, guess who was there? This car! I was too tickled. The lady who drove it was inside shopping. I didn't get a chance to ask her, but I guess she must have an affinity for numbers :-). Mary and I picked up a couple of beach designs at the Stitchery House and the people there were very nice and helpful. Then, we left the store and headed out towards Seaside.

Seaside is a quaint little beach community about 20 minutes to the east of Destin. Apparently, some of the Truman Show was filmed there. In this picture from a dock in Watercolor, you can see some of the buildings of Seaside. It was a really cute area with colorful buildings and cute shops. We then went over to Alys Beach (the rich part!) though rather quickly b/c it was about to rain. We will go back there today so I hope to get better pictures. Then, we headed back to Destin to eat dinner, visit a couple of bookstores and pick up some more movies. Last night we watched V for Vendetta. That is an exellent movie.

And, as for that stitching by the beach pic - still hasn't happened -- but I'm not leaving here til I get it!

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Amy said...

Very creative liscense plate! Are you not worried about sand getting on your stitching if you stitch on the beach? ;)