March 8, 2006

I posted this on my genealogy blog, but I need to post it here too... this is in memorium to my Uncle June.

Abraham Lincoln McNair, Jr. (December 1, 1932 - February 9, 2006) My family found out today that we have lost a family member - one of my grandmother's brothers - Abraham Lincoln McNair, Jr. Uncle June had been out of touch with the family for years. We knew that he was living in the New York area but had not been able to find him. In part inspired by my recent activities in researching the family, my mother began to look for him again in earnest. Well, we found out we were about a month too late. The police department in the area that we had a last known address for him informed us that he died on February 9th.

I have only one memory of Uncle June from when I was about 8 years old or so and we were visiting my grandmother. He was prone to seizures and while we were visiting her, he had a seizure in the living room. My mother was particularly close to Uncle June and has told me many stories about him. We are devastated to think that he died alone in the hospital with no family around, but I understand that is how he lived his life. My grandmother does not know and we probably will not tell her. She has Alzheimer's and is in a home and this is now her third brother to pass (of four). This is why it is so important to know about family. If we had not continued to search for him, we may have never known what happened.


Kelley said...

That's really cool that you found him, but I am sorry that you were too late.

Rachel said...

What a handsome man!