November 22, 2005

Here is a major stitching update- I'm so excited. So, this weekend, I started pondering what I would stitch as Christmas gifts. I know that there are several people that I want to stitch ornaments for, so I began searching through my magazines. Now, given that I have the database, I used that first, and let me tell you, it made it so much easier! I am so happy I am doing this with my magazine issues. However, I have a few hundred more issues that I don't have indexed yet, so those I went through by hand.

And, though I have not decided on everything yet, I did decide on a couple of ornaments. Then, I also decided I would stitch these:

  • A Name Above Every Name -- Kalonji has a coworker who is very religious and when I first saw this design, I thought it was excellent! However, I am not that personally religious (though I love religion as a subject - have a degree in it)I knew that if I ever had a chance to stitch it, it would be for someone else. This stitches quickly and I should have if done within a couple of weeks.
  • Feline Navidad (link deleted 11/28) - this is also going to be a gift. the person I am stitching it for sometimes reads my blog, so i'm going to hope she does not happen to read it within the next few weeks - this is perfect for her :-)
I plan to alternate working on these two each day until the end of the weekend.

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