October 19, 2005

wow -- telephone service over my DSL line. I have just finished installing my Vonage service and I am truly impressed. With Vonage, a Voice over IP program, I do not rely on my local phone company for phone service. This is so cool!!!

Here are some of the features of Vonage:

  • I can listen to voicemail messages online
  • For $24.99 month i get phone AND unlimited long distnace
  • I can get a number in a different area code that will be routed through my number meaning, since my mother lives in florida, i can get a number that is a local call for her so she is not charged long distance
  • i can get a 1-800 number if i want too
this is so cool. Now, there is a disadvantage. Since the phone is through my DSL, if DSL goes down (or no power), I have no phone, therefore, I will be keeping the 911 service on the landline as just in case backup. I can deal with not having a phone. However, I need to be able to reach emergency if I need to.

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I try your magazines database link but it's not working. I think it's due to the exclamation mark that you typed in the title.