June 9, 2005

I went to my LNS tonite for stitch night. I haven't been in at least two months I think so it was nice to finally get a chance to go. It was a quiet night and there were about 8 of us there. Kaleya even let me stitch a little bit as she played happily on the floor as well as being entertained by the framer :-)

I promise I will get around to posting a picture of my latest start -- I just haven't yet taken a picture. I started a design by Joan Elliott's Cross Stitch: Sentiments & Sayings. It is a Celtic design with a saying and the border is fabulous. I am a very big fan of Joan Elliott's. I have stitched two of her geisha's with a third one as a WIP. I have a friend that is a model stitcher for her, so I love hearing about the new designs coming up and always anticipate her new releases. I think what I admire about Joan is all the background research that she does and how she creates designs that truly reflect reality. She's wonderful!

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