June 15, 2005

Guess what? This weekend, I was interviewed by a stitching magazine that wants to do a feature on my Cross-Stitch Magazine Database site! At this point, I'm not going to say which one b/c I want to see if it actually makes it to print, but I was rather tickled to even be approached about it! I will of course post again if that all pans out. In all other realms of life all is going well. Work is as usual keeping me busy and of course miss kaleya is keeping me busy. We are getting prepared for the move to Memphis so I am now in the process of getting rid of junk! I have started reading FlyLady b/c I want to maintain a neat household for us given that I have an opportunity for a fresh start.


lissylaine said...

You go girl! I've been slowly working on flylady stuff myself.

That is so cool about the magazine article - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - and some money stashed aside so I can buy several copies. ;)

Sorry I missed you at Sit n Stitch last week! Do you think you'll make it one last time before you move? If so, I'll make an effort to be there when you are (the girls were all asking about you last night). :)

Froggie said...

How exciting! I use the database often. You are so clever!