May 25, 2005

I am such a geek! Last week, I finally decided to edit the entry for "Cross-Stitch" in Wikipedia. If you are not familiar with Wikipedia, it is an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The idea behind it is that if you care enough to contribute, then you probably know what you are talking about. Naturally, there are many checks & balances in place to help ensure the information is accurate and I think it is a wonderful project. I find myself going to Wikipedia now if I need to know anything!

But, in the entry for "Cross Stitch" I added a tidbit of historical information and put in there that the oldest known sampler in the US is the one done my Loara Standish. I have seen the sampler itself while on a trip to Cape Cod two years ago and bought the reproduction kit to stitch. That kit cost me $100 and sometimes I wonder if I'll even ever get to stitch it!

In my own stitching news I still have not been doing much stitching. Kalonji and I are mkaing a concerted effort to see each other every weekend until I move to Memphis, so that gives me less time to stitch, but I'm not complaining! I am currently working on my Chinese Blessing Gods, so I'll try and get a new picture up in the next week.

Kaleya is doing well, she's 7 months now. She's had a bad cough lately, so on Monday the pediatrician gave her an albuterol treatment and prescribedian inhaler until she gets to feeling better. It seems to be helping, but I'll just watch her closely over the next several days.

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Marlene said...

Hi Taneya...Can you tell me where you purchased your Loara Standish Sampler Kit? I can only find it in a shop in England, and it's very expensivo...Thanks!