April 15, 2005

Still no pictures yet, but I do have a stitching update! I started two new projects last weekend -- MLI's Angel of Love and Japanese Angel by Barbara Baatz. They are going to be gorgeous when I finish them one day 50 years from now :-)

My LNS recently moved to a new location and were officially "open" yesterday so I stopped by last night. It's a cute building and is a little bit closer to me now. I was missing them too while they were closed for the move so I'm glad to have them back. Going to Memphis again tomorrow for the weekend. I hope the weather remains as nice as it is today. And, as for miss Kaleya -- she's just as adorable as ever!


Rani said...

Taneya, she gets more beautiful with each passing day. You are truly one blessed mama!

Anonymous said...


Your daughter is a cutie. You have alot to be proud of. I enjoy your blog and stitching progress.

Cathy L