April 12, 2008

Last night we had a visitor show up at our door. He is the cutest cat - Kalonji told me it was the same cat that he'd seen before a few weeks ago. However, this time, the cat did not have his collar on. So, being worried about the cat, we decided to take him in and see if we could find his owner.

I've posted about him on several online lost pet sites, and will put up some signs this week. I hope we find his home, for it is obvious that he belongs to someone - he is very affectionate and has no problems with people.

We took him today to get shots and tested for feline FIV. We wanted to be able to have him around our other cats, so that was especially important. Tonight, we even experimented some and brought him inside. There was some hissing on the behalf of our cats, but they didn't do too much but look at him. He was off minding his own business and since he didn't even seem bothered by them, I am going to guess that he is from a multi-cat household as well, or else, just seen so much being outside that it doesn't phase him.

He is so adorable though. If we end up keeping him, we have already picked out a name. I won't put it in print just yet though :-)

Here is a picture of him from last night. and, of him on the way to get his shots today And, Horus just looking at him:


Suzanne said...

awwww, he's a cutie!! Suz

Kelley said...

He looks like a lovely cat. I hope you can find his owners, but I bet it wouldn't be too hard to keep him either.

claudia said...

He is a cutie! Horus is a cutie too! You are so sweet to take him in until you find his owners. He picked your house to visit, because he knew he would be safe there. I always end up finding stray dogs. I always take them in and find their humans for them. My dogs have gotten used to this, so don't even make a fuss when a new dog comes in. (and when the found humans come to pick up their lost baby, my dogs always get a reward from them) I love reconnecting people and their furbabies!

Becky said...

he's pretty! so nice of you guys to take him in!