March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today we took Kaleya to Kalonji's lodge for an Easter egg hunt and it was fun. There were at least 40 kids there I think and everyone seemed to rake up! Kaleya was looking forward to this for the past several days and she couldn't wait to wear her new dress. For more pictures click here and advance forward, there are about 10 pictures.

Update -- I had come upstairs to write this post, so on my way back downstairs to check on Kaleya, I saw Horus coming up the stairs and something flashy caught my eye Gee, give you one guess who put her toy necklace around him?

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Suzanne said...

She looks like she had a grand time! Gosh, she is getting to be so grown's hard to believe!! Hope ya'll are doing well!! Suz