January 25, 2008

Can you say "come up for air?" I am so exhausted right now! I am taking the GRE on Monday morning and I have been studying like a madwoman for it these past few days. It's absolutely insane!

Some of you who have read my blog for awhile may remember that just before I found out we were going to have Kaleya, I was making plans to pursue a PhD. That didn't work out :-).. But now, I have another opportunity for advanced education that I am pursuing (with WONDERFUL support from my boss!) and so I'm going through the process now of applications, GREs, etc., etc. If I am accepted for the program I'd like to pursue, I'll be working towards an Masters of Public Health degree with a biomedical informatics sponsorship. The best part is that I won't even have to move if I get it - it would be through Vanderbilt.

Wish me luck! I'll know the final decisions in late spring. So, until Monday I'm off to review my new vocabulary (opprobrium, sedulous, aggrandize, capricious, dilatory, craven, torpor, and potentate are just some of my new faves) and get my mind working through mathematical problems!


RedHotKnitter said...

T-Didn't we have to take the GREs for our MLS? Doesn't that count for you? I don't think you could pay me to take those again so I am once again in awe of your and you have all of my admiration. aimee

claudia said...

Fantastic! Good luck to you...not that you'll need it. You are one smart cookie!

Anonymous said...
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