October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween! We started our Halloween early as you can see. Last night, at the suggestion of a couple that we know that operates a store in our area mall, we went to a nearby church to take Kaleya trunk-or-treating. The church has been doing this for several years and it was a lot of fun. They put on a short play, provided food, and then kids go from car to car to collect candy from people who decorate their trunks. There were probably around 100 cars there - it was insane!

So, Kaleya already has a pumpkin full of candy. We are still planning to take her out Halloween night too though, so I'm not sure what we will do with all of that candy. More pictures here.


claudia said...

That was a great idea there to go trunk or treating. To tell you the truth I thought it was a typo! (Silly me, now I've learned something new! Kaleya looks just adorable as usual. Tell me...is she growing up fast or what?!? She looks like such a big girl now.

Rachel said...

I always wondered if people decorated their trunks, or if it was just like, "Oh, here's some candy, it's underneath this quart of oil..." :)