September 25, 2007

I finally signed up for Second Life yesterday. Though I've been reading about Second Life for more than a year now, I had not yet explored it. So, in order to learn more I signed up. It is very interesting.

My avatar it Taneya Kumaki and I'm still learning how to do things like change appearance, even move around properly. I still have not yet learned how to fly. I took a visit to some of the health/medical locations that I knew of as a beginning.

I visited the HealthInfo Island Consumer Medical Library and the Medical Library on the same island. I also visited the Ann Myers Medical Center. I am eager to learn how to build areas next, but overall, my couple of hours of experimentation last night was productive! Some screenshots:

You can see my other Second Life "snapshots" here.


Slow Loris said...

This is too awesome!!

Becky said...

very very cool!

A said...

This is so cool. I hope this becomes a trainig module.