February 6, 2007

A co-worker of mine sent this video to me and I just had to post it. At work last week, I shared with my colleagues information about Web 2.0 and where the web is going these days. This is a good video to demonstrate some of the changes that are going on with the web. I am all about web 2.0 and for me personally - removing myself from dependency upon any specific computer for my work/personal productivity (i.e. see My Unistalled Life). I love the Internet. :-)


Shalini said...

Haven't seen the video but the idea is very interesting. I'm all for Web 2.0 too. All I should ever need is a web browser and internet connection. Everything else including OS on the web. Very interesting. Thanks for the link :)

claudia said...

I don't know much about computers and the internet, except what I do, as in what I am doing right now. That video you posted was very interesting and informative for me. Thanks for sharing!