November 3, 2006

Okay, so i'm like 2 days late posting this, but Happy Halloween! We had a great time taking Kaleya to the mall to do her trick-or-treating. This was her first time doing it and I think she enjoyed it. We dressed her up as a fairy and she was too cute!

Other than the trick-or-treating, I've been super busy both at home and at work. At home, we got a new set of bookshelves that we found at a local Salvation Army. Now, you know you're a librarian when you get rid of a dresser, to make room for bookshelves! But, I got that set up last night and put our books and things in it. I love it - it takes up a whole wall and looks so majestic.

And, tonite, I'm setting up our new computer. I have a ton of files to transfer from the old one to the new one, so that will probably be what I end up doing this weekend. We got a new HP Pavillion slimline and its cool b/c it is so little. The CPU is a third of the size of a convential CPU. 200 gigs of hard drive, and an AMD 3500+ processor. Memory is only 512 and I would have ideally preferred 1G, but I can upgrade that later. Setting up PC's is so laborious. But, I must get my scrapbooking files on it!

Speaking of scrapbooking, I think I am done with my first scrapbook - my book to commemorate Kaleya's first year of life. I will think about it over the next few days to see if I have any other moments I want to add, but the book is already at 35 pages so is going to be a nice size book. You can see the contents here. I already have the hardbound book for it, so I'll just need to pick up some extra pages. I am so happy about this!


claudia said...

You've been busy! Kaleya is indeed too cute as a fairy! Glad to hear she had a good time on Halloween. My girls are all grown up so I don't get to do that fun stuff any more!

HippieLaLah said...

Nice bookcase. There's also this place downtown that is associated with Habitat for Humanity and they sell furniture and household stuff for cheap. I got a nice entertainment center for $25 and some heavy candle holders for $5 so if you are looking for anything else for your new house plus what you spend there goes to Habitat for Humanity so you're getting and giving!