August 14, 2006

Destin - Day 1

I am in heaven! I am in Destin, FL with my friend Mary on a week-long vacation! Kalonji is the world's greatest husband for letting me go and holding down the fort with Kaleya!!!! I miss them already though, I missed them no sooner than I got on the road!

We got here yesterday and are staying literally right on the beach. Mary has use of a condo RENT FREE this week, so when she called to ask if I could come along with her, I certainly had to come. It took us about 7 hours to drive down here and the drive was overall pleasant. We got stopped a couple of times by some heavy rains, but we made it. Every store we could want is right here and is just like being at home, except we have an bayside view. Gorgeous! We stopped at Publix last night and got a few groceries and watched The Inside Man last night. I was so tired when I went to bed. I brought my stitching too. I started the companion piece to my Sioux Chef by Julie Hasler - she is called Nez Woman if I remember correctly.

Well, I am getting hungry so I'm off to make me some breakfast. We don't have anything specific planned today, so who knows what we'll get into. Ta ta for now!

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Rani said...

Lucky! And what a great hubby. =) Have a wonderful, relaxing week!