June 3, 2006

Utter chaos is the best description for my life the past couple of weeks! We have been extraordinarily busy again :-) Right after my last post, we jetsetted off to Phoenix as I had a business conference out there. We were there for about 5 days and had a great time! We really enjoyed it and it is true what they say about the heat being different because it is dry. It didn't feel too bad at all actually, even though temps were 100+ almost each day we were there. Kaleya had a grand time too - she travelled well and she loved riding around in her stroller as we pushed her around downtown. While there we went to the Arizona Science Center Musueum, visited St. Mary's Bascilica and just hung out in general in the downtown area. We also took Kaleya swimming for the first time too and she loved it! Of course I have pictures :-) -- they are online but are in backwards order, so if you view them, start with the picture I have linked and then click PREVIOUS. (view pics)

Then, after we got back from Arizona, it was off to pick up the boys as we are going to have them with us for about six weeks. We have them home with us now and are having a blast! Let me tell ya - I look at all five kids together and I know I could seriously have more kids! We haven't ruled it out completely yet to have another child (once Kaleya is in school), but I know we won't be having more than one more and that truly saddens me sometimes.. I LOVE kids.

In stitching news -- well, there is no stitching news. Probably won't be for the next two months. I've got five WIPs that are keeping me quite busy right now :-)

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RedHotKnitter said...

Taneya--Kaleya has gotten so big!!! She is adorable. I hope to meet her someday. Aimee