December 11, 2005

I am getting ornament fever! I started another ornament - this time, this is for another aunt of Kalonji's. I had a tragedy occur with this design. I actually started it for the first time Thursday night. I had stitched the entire border and then realized I had added in an extra row vertically - there was no way to salvage it. 2 hours down the drain. At first I was very disgusted and didn't think I'd re-do it. But I really like this design, so I started it again on Friday. This is my progress so far. At this point, there is one DMC color that I need to fill in, then the rest are beads and metallic thread. Then, there is a lattice-like background in 712 that i've started so i'll have to finish that. Backstitching is the last step. I hope to finish this today. The design is Joyous Noel and it is from the 2001 JCS Ornament Issue.

And Friday night I realized something else too. I cannot stitch on any fabric size smaller than 12 x 12. I can't do this b/c anything smaller will not fit in my q-snaps and I don't like stitching in hand (the ornie I finished a few days ago I had to stitch in hand). Hmm.. .maybe this is why I usually don't like small projects. But small projects are great given that I don't have as much stitching time as I used to :-)


Terri said...

You go girl! LOL I've been a stitching fool lately as well.

As to the qsnaps, I can't stitch in hand either. Hurts my hands. I use a 6x6 qsnap for small projects.

Ulla said...

So curious about the last stitches.Really enjoy the ornament so far.Another style I really want to do.
Ulla in the north of Sweden