October 12, 2005

We have new additions to our family! Say hello to Horus, Osirus & Memphis!

So, would you like to know how we ended up with them? Well, Kaleya's babysitter's cat had them about 8 weeks ago now. We have had them with us for almost one week. The babysitter couldn't keep them (this is the whole litter) and Kalonji and I have been contemplating getting an additional cat for awhile now and when we met them we just could not resist taking all three. So, Isis (who is 3), now has some little ones to run after.

The names? All Egyptian!

  • Isis - the Queen mother - in Egyptian mythology she was wife-sister to Osirus and mother of Horus.
  • Osirus -- husband-brother of Isis, and the god associated with death and the afterlife
  • Horus -- son of Isis & Osirus -- associated with the sky and kingship.
  • Memphis -- she is the only girl in the litter, so we had to find a girl name. However, we didn't really like any of the remaining goddess names. We came close to calling her Nephthys (who was the sister of Osirus and Horus and would have been quite fitting) but I find that so hard to pronounce. So then, having recently discoverd that there was a Memphis, Egypt (we are on this Egypt kick lately) and given that we are currently living in Memphis, TN and we got the kitties here, I kept pushing to call her Memphis. Kalonji caved :-). Also, Memphis, Egypt was the earliest capital city of Egypt so it has some prominence in the country's history.
These kitties are wonderful! Let me tell you. They are such a contrast to Isis as they play all the time, follow us around all the time and just are so funny to watch. However, this is bringing about a transformation in Isis too. She finally has "someone" to play with, she grooms them, they sleep together sometimes, it is so cool. She still keeps her distance at times, but I love watching them follow her around. There was some initial hissing back and forth, but that lasted all of a few hours.

I of course, have more pictures up so please feel free to look.


lissylaine said...

Oh Taneya! Congratulations!!! They are all so cute, and it's great to hear how well Isis is taking to them. :)

ubuibmel said...

Yeah Taneya!!!! Love that you have more fur-babies. And I'm so glad Isis has some playmates.

And let me just say that Kaleya gets cuter and cuter every day!!

Miss you bunches.


Carol said...

Congratulations!!!!! New Kitties are so much fun - I love all the thought you have put into their names - your daughter will have the most wonderful experiences growing up with them. So glad I visited your blog today to see this :-)

JudySC said...

So much cute in one house! All your little ones, with 2 or 4 legs, are just adorable. What fun for you!

Medieval Needle said...

How wonderful! Huge Bastet blessings to you for taking them in.