October 6, 2005

I did a little stitching on Noah's Sub last night. One day, when I finish it, this will be for Kaleya but I know it will be awhile before that happens. But, last night I picked it back up and did some stitching on the rams and the camels - so here is a pic of just that area as well as a picture of the overall piece so far.

I will continue on this for the next few days I think. Over the weekend, I have another project that I should be able to finish. It is a design of Mt. Fuji. I'll post it when I'm done.

Oh, and have I posted yet that I am going to Puerto Rico! I am going for business purposes in a couple of weeks for about 4 days. Kalonji and Kaleya will be coming along with me, so we are looking forward to it. I've not been to PR before, so it will be fun I know!

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