October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!! Happy Halloween everyone! We had several trick-or-treaters tonite and I have enjoyed it. This is the first Halloween since I have been in TN (5 yrs -- but have only been home for 3 of them on Halloween) that I have had trick-or-treaters. I guess where i used to live they just didn't do it??? And though we did not take Kaleya trick-or-treating, she helped us give out candy (okay -- well, watched us as we gave out candy!).

In stitching news, I have a report! On Kaleya's birthday, after I finished Mt. Fuji, I started Teresa Wentzler's Egyptian Sampler.

Then, this weekend, I put that down to start another project - Michael Powell's Handmade Houses of Provence. I am going to do all five on one piece of fabric. I hope to get a WIP picture of that up soon.


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