April 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Q!!! Today is my youngest stepson's birthday -- turns 4 today. Hard to believe! Kaleya is already older than he was when Kalonji and I met. Scary. But we wish him a very, very happy bday!!!

I am so glad to be home. Had a good day at work today, but for some reason was having a mental block on some things. I think some stitching will cure that. I did quite a bit of stitching over the weekend. I was planning to go to Melanie's for a stitch day, but was in a very blue mood on Saturday, so just stayed home. I'm better now, but I guess it was just one of those days. I worked on the Japanese Angel all weekend, so I got a lot done. This is what she will look like when done and this is how much I have done.

Kaleya was once again fascinating over the weekend. She's beenworking on her balance and I even have a little movie clip of it that I shared with family. I also put her in the stroller w/o the car seat part for the first time this weekend. What a big girl!

the South Beach dieting is going well. I cheated on Sunday and ate ice cream, but considering the only other thing I had to eat was turkey sausage and eggs for one meal and then cheese later on for snacks, I don't feel bad about it. Sometimes though, I have a tendency to skip meals, so I should really watch it. I feel "lighter " this week and pulled out a pair of pants this morning that I'll use as my barometer for these first several weeks to see if I notice any difference.


Zohrah said...

Happy Birthday to Qacheyta Sahib. A handsome young man he would soon become. Oh you should not skip any of your meals. Eating regularly means burning more and regulates your metabolism so it does not slows down. Eating some ice-cream is ok. Keep up the work.

Terri said...

No, no, no! She's can't be standing up already!

Happy birthday to your DSS :)

Katie said...

I missed you on Saturday, but we had a good time.

Kaleya is growing so fast. I can't believe she is "cruising" already.

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